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iDRIVE 140 15W-40

PEMCO iDRIVE 140 is formulated from quality mineral base stocks combined with multifunctional additive package. It has perfect lubricating properties and viscosity stability combined with deposit and wear control. Protects engine under a wide variety of operating conditions. Pemco iDRIVE 140 is recommended for gasoline engines and light duty diesel with natural aspiration requiring an API SL/CF product. >>>


iDRIVE 114 15W-40

PEMCO iDRIVE 114 is a multigrade engine oil on a mineral basis for high-augmented diesel engines of passenger cars and trucks with turbochargers. Perfectly balanced additives effectively protect from wear out and prevent corrosion. Reduces sooting and carbon formation. Provides safe lubrication and engine cleanliness under any usage conditions. >>>


iDRIVE 105 15W-40

PEMCO iDRIVE 105 is specific engine oil with excellent detergent and dispersant properties and high lubrication power for all passenger cars and light trucks, fitted with a gasoline or diesel engine. >>>


iDRIVE 102 20W-50

PEMCO iDRIVE 102 is a multigrade engine oil with highly purified mineral basis for highly accelerated gasoline and diesel engines with and without turbocharge used in tough usage conditions. Contains low-ash additives to prolong the endurance of the catalyst. Has stable viscosity during the whole used period. Guarantees safe engine combustion at extreme loads. >>>

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