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iDRIVE 370 0W-40

PEMCO iDRIVE 370 0W-40 is a multipurpose, multigrade, fully synthetic power-saving engine oil for all types of present-day engines. Thanks to the unique bisynthetic basis it provides instant lubrication at extremely low temperatures. Prevents start-up wear-out. Provides extreme cleanness of the engine components. Guarantees maximum wear-out prevention at all functioning stages of the engine. >>>


iDRIVE 360 5W-30

PEMCO iDRIVE 360 is synthetic engine oil suitable for use in modern automotive petrol and diesel engines with DPF where the manufacturer recommends an ACEA C4 lubricant. Keeps the engine’s most sensitive parts clean thanks to its advanced detergent and dispersive additives. Ensures easy cold starts and fuel economy due to its extreme fluidity. >>>


iDRIVE 350 5W-30

Innovative universal multigrade bi-synthetic (PAO + esters) premium motor oil for modern gasoline and diesel engines (including those with direct injection) with and without turbocharging, including those equipped with pump nozzles (Pumpe-Duse). Designed based on VW and DAIMLER requirements.

Product properties:
- Due to the contained ester components it has excellent anti-seize, anti-wear and anti-friction properties, which ensures long and trouble-free operation of the pump-nozzle system;
- Due to its excellent washing and... >>>


iDRIVE 345 5W-30

Innovative universal ester-containing synthetic premium motor oil for modern diesel and gasoline engines with and without turbocharging. Especially recommended for direct injection turbodiesel engines. Designed to meet VW requirements.

Product properties:
- Exceptional fuel economy due to optimal antifriction properties;
- Highly effective additive package and low-viscosity synthetic base provide confident cold start in any conditions, thereby significantly reducing engine starting wear;
- Due to its excellent washing... >>>


iDRIVE 343 5W-40

PEMCO iDRIVE 343 is a state of the art HC synthesis engine oil for the latest petrol and diesel engines with pumped-jet injection systems and with exhaust emission standards Euro 4 or Euro 5. Specially developed for engines with turbocharger, direct injection, exhaust treatment and for modern engines which require oils with the ACEA C3 specification. Contains antioxidants and prevents the formation of sediments, thereby ensuring clean engine parts. Provides excellent cold starting of the engine even at extremely low temperatures. Compatible with catalytic... >>>


iDRIVE 340 5W-40

Innovative universal ester-containing fully synthetic premium motor oil for modern gasoline and diesel engines with and without turbocharging, including “old” brands and high mileage. Designed based on the requirements of European producers.

Product properties:
- Ester technology and a synthetic base with an expanded range of viscous-temperature properties ensures efficient engine operation in all operating modes: during cold start, in urban mode, in highway mode, as well as under increased load (when driving on impassable... >>>


iDRIVE 338 5W-40

PEMCO iDRIVE 338 is synthetic engine oil, developed for all modern engines: with turbocharger and without, multivalve, with direct fuel injection as well as for gas-operated engines. It contains unique additives providing high anti wear-out and energy-efficient properties. It guarantees safe lubrication even at cold temperatures. It effectively prevents sludge formation. >>>


iDRIVE 335 5W-30

PEMCO iDRIVE 335 is modern premium class engine oil for the lubrication of all four-stroke engines of Japanese, Korean and American light vehicles, minivans and SUVs. Optimum for up-to-date diesel and petrol engines (GDI, D-4D and NEO-DI) with multi-valve technology and turbocharger (DOHC, VVT-i, VTC, CVVT, VTEC, VVL, VVTL-i, MIVEC etc.). >>>


iDRIVE 330 5W-30

PEMCO iDRIVE 330 is a synthetic engine oil, designed for use in modern petrol and diesel engines with turbocharger and without. Developed by using the special unique technology of wear reduction. Provides a high level of protection and guarantees an exceptional cleanliness of the engine components. >>>


iDRIVE 325 5W-20

PEMCO iDRIVE 325 is a modern, premium class engine oil for the lubrication of all four-stroke engines of Japanese, Korean and American light vehicles, minivans and SUVs. Ideal for up-to-date petrol engines with direct injection, turbochargers and variable valve timing (VTEC, VVT-i, VTC, CVVT, VVL, VVTL-i, MIVEC etc.). >>>

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