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Automatic transmission fluids

The PEMCO iMATIC 400 series includes a wide range of gear oils for automatic gearboxes which can satisfy even the most demanding needs of our customers. Each oil is produced from selected base oils and the most contemporary additive packages specially chosen to achieve optimum performance. It is worth noting that many oils of the PEMCO iMATIC 400 series meet the specifications of automakers, which certainly is an indication of their excellent quality. >>>

Gear oils

Transmission oils of the PEMCO iPOID 500 series are specially designed for mechanical gearboxes. They ensure a smooth and easy operation of the transmission. While using oils of this series amateurs and professionals can be sure that the car is under reliable protection even under moderate or extreme loads. The additives included in the composition of the PEMCO iPOID 500 series oils protect parts of the transmission from wear and corrosion, thereby significantly prolonging the service life. >>>

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