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Regal PM display shelf 120x200 w. 4 shelves

Shelf with PEMCO logo. Size: 120x200 cm (4 shelves). >>>


Drum Storage Easy Dispense 6x20L PM

Shelf and storage system for 6x20L trading units. Easy and clean oil dispense by tilt brackets. >>>


PM1515 Drum Storage Rack 6x20L

Shelf and storage system for containers 10 L/20 L x 6.
The horizontal arrangement of the containers on the shelf provides safe storage and easy dosing during decanting of oil and other liquids from the containers. Special straps for safe fastening of the containers as well as a bottom tray for clean decanting of liquids are included. The label holders attached to the storage system provide space for all the necessary information about the stored containers with oil or other liquids. The storage system is made of a robust metal rack which ensures safe,... >>>


PM1412 Office chair (gold/black)

Modern office chair with PEMCO logos, made of a durable steel frame, synthetic leather, PVC and filled with high-resilient foam. Provides ergonomic comfort. Size: 134 x 30 x 67 cm. Weight: 25 kg. Colour: gold/brown. >>>


PM1006 Kugelschreiber 6 (ball pen)

Ballpen with PEMCO laser engraving. >>>


PM1003 Kugelschreiber 4 (ball pen)

Ballpen with PEMCO laser engraving in a gift box. >>>


PM1608 Flag PEMCO 1.0x1.5m

Flag with PEMCO logo. 1.0x1.5m >>>


PM1806 Oil Service Sticker

Oil change service sticker is to be filled with all necessary information of your actual oil change as well as the next planned date. It is to be sticked to an easily accessible and visible place in the engine compartment. >>>


PM5004 Brochure PEMCO Oil

Brochure about PEMCO oils, lubricants and automotive fluids. Available in English and Russian only. >>>

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