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Truck UHPD series

The most serious requirements are applied for motor oils for buses and trucks since such oils usually operate under particularly high loads. The PEMCO Truck UHPD oils surpass the standards of the leading car manufacturers as well as European and American quality standards. Having detergent and cleaning properties, the additive packages guarantee an ideal cleanliness of engine parts and high-quality lubrication which ensures the longest possible engine life. >>>

Truck SHPD series

The oils of the PEMCO Truck SHPD series are remarkable for their high-performance properties. All oils are produced by using highly refined base oils and special additive packages which make it possible to achieve absolute reliability of the engine under extreme loads as well as excellent wear protection. We also use anti-corrosion and antioxidant additives which prevent corrosion and prolong the life of the oil. >>>

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