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iDRIVE 300 series

Oils of the PEMCO iDRIVE 300 series outstand all the others in quality, as they have increased thermal and chemical stability. The oils produced in this series also have increased fluidity and penetrating ability which help to reduce fuel consumption and ensure reliable lubrication even at extremely low temperatures. The PEMCO iDRIVE 300 series of oils has been specially developed with the use of additive packages that provide oil with anti-wear and energy-saving properties. Choosing oils of the PEMCO iDRIVE 300 series means choosing the best! >>>

iDRIVE 200 series

If you decide to choose oil from the PEMCO iDRIVE 200 series, you will provide your car with reliable protection thanks to the oil’s good viscosity and low evaporability. We guarantee the excellent quality of our products that allow not only to optimize the engine performance, but also to protect the motor from various negative effects such as premature wear of parts, carbon formation, pollution. We recommend the use of PEMCO iDRIVE 200 oils in various types of car engines. >>>

iDRIVE 100 series

The PEMCO iDRIVE 100 motor oil series comprises high-quality universal all-season oils that provide reliable lubrication of the engine thanks to the use of carefully balanced additive packages. The peculiarity of this series of oils is that the oils contribute to a more effective operation of the motor and simultaneously protect it from wear, corrosion and pollution. The PEMCO iDRIVE 100 series will be an excellent companion for the engine of your car even in the most difficult operating conditions! >>>

iDRIVE special series

The PEMCO iDRIVE Special series includes a wide range of motor oils that have been designed to meet some specific vehicle characteristics. For example, this series includes oils for vehicles operating under special climatic conditions as well as oils that have been developed for a specific vehicle brand. >>>

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