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Motorcycle oils

PEMCO iTWIN 600 is a series of motor oils developed specially for motorcycles. They are manufactured from high-quality raw materials using additives which have cleaning and anti-corrosion properties and which also provide excellent lubrication of the motor parts. The PEMCO iTWIN 600 series oils are the best choice for two-stroke motorcycle engines! >>>

Outboard motors oils

The PEMCO iBOAT engine oil series has been specially developed for use in outboard engines, water scooters, jet skis and other types of water transport, as motor oils of this series are suitable for two-stroke engines with water and air cooling systems. The PEMCO iBOAT series especially outstands with excellent quality and balanced oil composition. >>>

Garden equipment lubricants

PEMCO Garden Lubes series was formulated for use in manual and mechanical chainsaws, chain conveyors and in all wood transformation machinery. PEMCO Garden Lubes series is resistant to oxidation, has mechanical stability and an excellent ability to perform under high load conditions, thereby extending working life of tools. >>>

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