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  • TYPEFlushing Oil
  • SAE10
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  • 4L
  • 60L
  • 208L


A low-viscosity service mineral wash oil with very good wash and cleaning properties. It is designed for washing lubrication systems of internal combustion engines, oil drip pans, reservoirs, etc.

Product properties:
– Due to the special additive package, it has excellent cleaning properties that allows removing most types of high- and low-temperature deposits from the oil pick up screen, oil pan, oil channels and other chambers of the engine lubrication system;
– Due to excellent cleaning properties, it has a high dissolving capacity in regards to deposits in the engine lubrication system;
– It prevents the dissolved deposits from settling again due to a stock of cleaning-dispersing properties;
– It reduces the probability of leakages due to the compatibility with all materials of stuffing boxes and seals.

It is designed for cleaning the lubrication system of petrol- and diesel-powered engines of passenger, commercial, special and off-road vehicles.
It may also be used for cleaning transmissions and gearboxes aiming at the removal of particulate matters of dirt, deposits and wear products.
It should only be used for idle speed in accordance with the engine cleaning procedure (usually 20-30 minutes of idle operation of a warmed-up engine is sufficient for cleaning).