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Antifreeze 913+ (-40)



  • SAEJ1034
  • ASTM USAD3306
  • ASTM USA D4340
  • ASTM USA D4985
  • BSI GBBS 6580:1992
  • NATOS-759
  • BMWGS 94000
  • FORD AF Plus
  • GM1825 M
  • GM 1899 M
  • MAN324 NF
  • MB325.0
  • MINIGS 94000
  • MTUMTL 5048
  • OPELGME L1301
  • OPEL GM QL130100
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  • 1L
  • 5L
  • 10L
  • 20L
  • 60L
  • 208L
  • 1000L


A hybrid (HOAT – Hybrid Organic Acid Technology) high-technology ready-to-use solution (not requiring being diluted and protecting the vehicle cooling system at up to -40 °С) with excellent operating characteristics intended for a year-round use in any modern cooling system for which the use of mono-ethylene-glycol-based antifreeze is recommended.
It ensures a reliable protection of any cooling system.

Product properties:
– It ensures a reliable protection of metals and alloys (brass, copper, alloy-treated steel, cast iron, aluminium) from all forms of corrosion, as well as prevents a high-temperature corrosion of aluminium surfaces of modern engines;
– The non-organic additive package protects the surface at once and the organic part starts to act only when corrosion sources appear thus a maximum protection is reached from the start of use and the service life of the engine is extended;
– It has an exceptional thermal stability. It protects from deposit formation;
– It has excellent heat conductivity properties and a resistance to foam formation;
– It is neutral to inserts and hoses, compatible with all types of rubber and plastic components of a cooling system;
– It has an excellent resistance to hard water and very low corrosion inhibitor depletion rates;
– The high-efficiency additive package ensures an exceptional stability of operating properties of the antifreeze throughout the entire service life;
– It contains a fluorescent dye allowing identifying even small leakages of the antifreeze in the UV light;
– The balanced additive package allows maximally extending the service life of the solution;
– It is a liquid with an elevated level of borates and silicates. It does not contain nitrates, phosphates and amines (the NAP free technology).

Colour: yellow.

Service life: no less than 5 years
Comply with the manufacturer’s instructions provided in the user’s manual!