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PEMCO Truck Antifreeze 911 (Concentrate)





  • SAE J1034
  • ASTM USA D3306, D4340, D4985
  • NATO S-759
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  • 20L
  • 60L
  • 208L



Inorganic (IAT Inorganic Acid Technology) antifreeze -concentrate specially developed for heavy duty vehicles. Designed for all-year-round use in all modern cooling systems containing copper, brass and aluminium components for which the use of antifreeze based on ethylene glycol is recommended.

– Protects metals and alloys (brass, copper, alloyed steel, cast iron, aluminium) reliably against all forms of corrosion and also prevents high-temperature corrosion on aluminium surfaces of modern engines. Already provides sufficient anticorrosive properties at a concentration of 30 %;
– Possesses increased resistance to cavitation, effectively resists scale formation and sludge deposition, neutralises the action of chlorides destroying cast-iron cylinder liners;
– Has excellent thermal conductivity and resistance to foaming;
– Neutral to gaskets and hoses, compatible with all types of rubber and plastic separate parts of the cooling system;
– Represents a liquid with outstanding performance properties. Does not contain nitrates, phosphates, amines (NAP-free technology).

Recommended for engines that require improved heat dissipation: highly accelerated engines, engines with turbochargers and cooling systems of modern commercial vehicles.
Colour: blue
Service life: 3 years.
Follow the manufacturer’s instructions in the operating manual!

Mix ratio

Pour point, °C Mix ratio, %
Coolant fluid ratio Water ratio
-20 35 65
-25 40 60
-29 45 55
-38 50 50